Ranking Star Trek’s Worst of the Worst episodes

After tackling the best of the best episodes Star Trek has to offer, Tyler and Cam turn their attention to the most gruelling, mind-numbing, pull-your-hair-out-by-the roots episodes the franchise has delivered yet. The hosts of Subspace Transmissions went through the scores form users at IMDb.com, and ranked the bottom 35 picks from there. Our rankings... Continue Reading →

Ranking Star Trek’s Greatest of the Great episodes

We've drafted the best seasons of Trek — and the worst — and ranked the various shows and their respective captains. Now we turn to IMDb to uncover every episode rated 8.8 and above by the website's users before Subspace hosts Tyler and Cam compile their own rankings of the franchise's greatest episodes for the... Continue Reading →

Ranking the VOY seasons

A Subspace first — no consensus reached on our season rankings! But Tyler and Cam relish the idea their disparate standings are a manifestation of the Star Trek: Voyager fandom at large (seriously … has anyone encountered a Trekker that has the same top 10 VOY episodes as another fan?). Be sure to tune into the debate before checking... Continue Reading →

Star Trek’s Ultimate Baddies Draft

We don't want to be constricted simply by the words "villains" or "antagonists" when it comes to the latest draft. "Baddies" are a whole other breed — characters that can range from friend to foe, from uneasy ally to anti-hero. We debate who's the best at being bad in the podcast. Here's our list of... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gems of Star Trek Part II

In which we uncover the oft-overlooked episodes that don’t typically make it onto top 10 lists (but maybe deserve some consideration): Hidden Gems Part I (2015) Jarrah:  The Cloud Minders (TOS)In the Cards (DS9)Fusion (ENT) Tyler: Who Watches the Watchers? (TNG)The Shipment (ENT)Tuvix (VOY) Cam: The Counterclock Incident (TAS)Jetrel (VOY)Prototype (VOY) Hidden Gems Part II (2021) Tyler:  Civil Defense (DS9)Observer Effect (ENT)Cupid’s Errant Arrow (STLD) Cam:  Bliss (VOY)All... Continue Reading →

Ranking the DS9 seasons

Hoo-boy, the going got tough after the first three seasons. Please tune into the podcast to hear the debate. The hosts had to come to a consensus and it was about as easy as prying gold-pressed latinum from the hands of a Grand Nagus. No. 7: DS9, season 1 No. 6: DS9, season 2 No.... Continue Reading →

Crafting the Worst Season of Star Trek Ever!

After thoughtfully contemplating the most exquisite season of Star Trek possible, the Subspace Transmissions podcast went all Mirror Universe this time and decided to craft the absolutely worst season to ever exist in franchise history. Hosts Tyler Orton and Cam Smith, along with special guest Scott Hardy, have been tasked with selecting the most excruciating first... Continue Reading →

Crafting the Perfect Season of Star Trek

The Subspace Transmissions podcast has set out to craft the perfect season of Star Trek by drafting the best episodes based on the order in which they aired in the season. Hosts Tyler Orton and Cam Smith, along with special guest Scott Hardy, were tasked with selecting the best first episode, second episode, third episode — and so on... Continue Reading →

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